Best of the Bulls -       MT  Trophy Hunts 

Hunting Districts


Elk –           590, 535     Apply 1st Choice, Archery 595-21 Rifle 590-20 or 411-20

Deer –        590, 535             General Deer License/Special Permit 535-50

Antelope –  536, 596    Apply 1st Choice, Archery 900-20 Rifle 536-20 or 596-20

We encourage you to check with us before applying, confirming the hunting districts.

Elk/Deer License and Permit deadline is April 1st.

Antelope Permit Deadline is June 1st.          

For online application: Go to 

Select “Buy a license” in the top right corner of the home page.

Wait for Drawing results to purchase a Bow and Arrow License.

We find it valuable to participate in the Preference Point and Bonus point system.

Future applications will surely benefit if currently unsuccessful.

Any questions – We will gladly direct your concerns for appropriate and timely resolution.

Bowhunter Education Requirements

To Purchase a Montana Bow and Arrow License, a hunter must provide a certificate of completing the National Bowhunter Education Foundation course; or provide any prior years bowhunting/archery stamp, tag, permit, license from any state or province; or pay $5.00 and sign an affidavit stating to the FWP Enforcement Division that the hunter previously held such a license.

Best Of the Bulls take pride in providing an awesome memory filled experience. Our hunts are 100% fair chase with extreme high success.

Lodging and Meals are included at Best Of the Bulls Lodge. Your time with us will be a comfortable family experience. WIFI available at Lodge. You won’t be disappointed.

Game care to meet your needs. Trophies prepared for you to take on departure or delivered to local Taxidermist. Client is responsible for meat processing unless other arrangements are made.